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will you be my superman and catch me when i fall ...
just fighting for your love, support and affection.
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23rd-Jul-2007 09:02 pm(no subject)
I have a meme to do but I'm a little lazy to find out about the life of I real life friendships or pictures of my favorites anyway. I shall do it later because I have the LAZY DISEASE!! I finished HPDH, on the day it came out. I started at 4PM finished @ 8.30PM. So I guess, I beat my record for reading OOTP, so thats good. I LOVED IT, despite what others may think. OHMGEH, snape was good. three words for you, SNAPE WAS GOOD! plzthx. I always loved him, one way or another. HAH. Well, yeah ontoo lifee...

Today, was my schools Athletics Carnival and it was '80's theme. It was fantabulouss. I loved it, everybody raced in their sparkling, fluro tights with leg warmers and converses. Headbands, sweatbands, fluro bracelets with our "country road" tote bags. I mean, I never knew everybody had all these thingss, but we do and it was fantabulous. I came second in my year as usual and 5th in the school. Blah, I guess it's a little improvement from last year but whatever. So then after school, the tennis tournament was on and I was wearing my fluro pink tights with my purple leotard and black shorts. I felt amusing, my boyfriend laughed too, so did the whole crowd but I won and felt a little embarrassed. AHHH! But then I went home and watched Smallville, so that was great. Well, yupp. Oh and I had too much caffeine meaning coke and iced coffee so I'm really awake and hyper.

holbrook; rockstarr*
20th-Jul-2007 10:35 pm - neww thingss.
I changed the layout! How do you like it? I made a Ana Ivanovic header as well. =] It's pink, I like it. What do you think? I made it because I was inspired when I watched Under the Tuscan Sun. It was beautiful. Well, how is it? Too girly? To sweet? To grungy sweet? I don't know because my laptops screen is so LCD'd. It can be dark or light depending on where you sit. =/ Blah, well I'll keep it for a couple of weeks and try something different.

So onto lifee....
I had gloria jeans today, after school because it was just freezing. Then, I went to the supermarket with my sister. It was hilarious, we were dressed in skinny legs, heels and oversized sunglasses like we were stars strutting the catwalk in the dairy aisle. It was fun, until my brother found us pretending to be supermodels. So after that we bought the things and headed out. We bought coke, starburst, coffee, milo and icecream for our late night binge eating thingo us siblings do, so yeah. =] I think i have a tummy ache but i'm still high with the sugar fix i just had. HARRY POTTER COMES OUT TOMMOROW, I'M GETTING IT! YAYYYYYY. awesomeness, awesomeeeeeeee.
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19th-Jul-2007 09:37 pm - hotties meme <3
If I haven't read any of your journal entries, please forgive me. These new HP Deathly Hallow Spoilers have been clogging up my friends page. I'm thinking of deleting the comm from my friends list but some entries are actually interesting. If you do want me to comment, just post here. =]

Ohkaii onto life. I was in hospital yesterday afternoon because I supposedly broke my nose when a serve hit my nose. That was crap, but I didn't break it. Just bruised it very badly, so now I have a purple patch on my nose. I look hilarious plus for physical activities that we have to do, I totally got yoga. I mean what do you do? Two whole hours of yoga. wtf! I don't even know what you actually do in it. Blah, I so wanted ballroom dancing or sydney walk or bowling or fitness but no.

+ I went shopping. I got myself a new pair of Chanel Oversized Glasses and a new jacket thats really big and cute. It's totally awesome. Plus, I got new Ugg Boots and a pair of heels from Witchery. Heh, it was probably the worst shopping trip this Winter. The wind was fierce and it was like 0 degrees. I swear it was horrible, especially when it was really quite warm when I went out and I was wearing black shorts, with electric blue heels, red legwarmers, a superman tshirt and mini jacket.

Then, I had starbucks today with Tadgh. Coffee is beautiful. But I spilt it on him and we had to go to to giordano and I bought him a Mikey Mouse shirt and new jeans. + he was actually sweet and bought me iced coffee with a sealed lid. The other one was fully open without a lid, so yeahhh. =]

I also have pictures of my friends from their school fair thing. I wasn't there, because I don't go to their school, so expect those in my next update. No pictures of me though 'cause my dad is a little over protectivee. =] So yeah, also my sisters friends are there too. I mean Alyssa goes there and I don't. Weird, aye? I go to a Catholic School in North Sydney. They focus on drama, dancing, visual arts, singing and acting but also do Math, English, Religion and blah. hahaaaaa.

x_thalia tagged me. so i feel special even if i was a few days late.

mydoor, andy_xox, krizia922, dancedance_x3 && abvj

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16th-Jul-2007 06:57 pm(no subject)
Okay, I have school tomorrow. How crap? I HATE SCHOOL, hate waking up early, hate catching the bus, hate homework, hate everything about it. Blah. I mean, I see all my friends in the afternoons and on the weekends so we always see eachother. You shall see constant rambling on how much I hate it too. But next week I have a Athletics Carnival so that means no homework and a Parent/Teacher Day so that means complete relaxation at home. But I have to wait a whole four days. Ahem. Oh well, it has to be done and the end of September isn't that far away.

Well this last day of holidays has been terrible, it's been like 0 degrees here all day and I'm wearing shorts because all my pants are in the wash. Thank god, for leg warmers and beanies. Phew. Anyways, I must go and watch BIG BROTHER 07. Blah, DANIELLA went. OMEHG, what's happening to ZORAN? I'm so sad. =[

g'dnight, g'dmorning, g'dwhatever. =]
holbrook; rockstarr*
14th-Jul-2007 07:03 pm(no subject)
The layout looks a little plain to me. I don't know why, I mean I've only had it for two days or something like that. Well that's me, any opinions would be awesome. Oh and I have a new mood theme thanks to smoggyday. It's of Andy Roddick. Hehe.

Okay, well onto life. I went to see OOTP and well it wasn't awesome but I enjoyed it. It was lacking of Draco though. Ron was cute and so was Hermione but Harry was well gross. I guess I liked it, I give it a 7.5/10. So, afterwards we head to a internet cafe at Bondi and I find this youtube video of tennis stars singing at Roland Garros. That was horribly funny that the people in charge told us to leave. Ah. Now I can't wait till the US Open. *prays andy wins*

Oh and I played Tennis today at a Tennis Tournament, it's only little but whateva. I'm still proud I won. T'was fun, since it was the shortest match ever for me. Only an hour and a half. I won 6-2, 8-6 and 6-3. Ah, well I'm sort of pleased but it wasn't my greatest. Bleh. Stupid clay court, I hate it.

Well that's it for me. I'll get a teensey little un-active since I have school on Tuesday at 8.45 Sydney Time. Bleh. I hate school, it's horrible. Plus, I have an assesment due on the Thursday which I haven't started. POOPSiiiE !! Oh well, who cares about PDHPE. I'm pissed off, so yeah. I HATE SCHOOL but I have history this semester, so I'll be ok.

See y'all soon.
holbrook; rockstarr*
13th-Jul-2007 10:40 pm - life today; <3
I've got a new layout, thanks to uncoolicons with header by scraps. Tis awesome, no? Well i'm happy and giddy since i found some new and awesome textures and blah so look out for more icons. =]

Okay, but enough of that, about me? Shall I say, I had an awesome day. Well it was, I loved it apart from when I found out that Roger Federer won Best Tennis Player at the ESPY awards. Andy was supposed to get that award. Andy should have got that award, I mean Roger is a brilliant tennis player with a big heart (knowing first hand, he smiled at me and gave me his autograph as well as a hug when I was at Melbourne for the AUS Open), but he's so god like meaning to terribly and awesomeliiie talented (someone who totally needs to let someone else win). =] Really I wouldn't even have minded if my lofferliiie Rafa one, but no.

Anyways, I went to Sydney's CBD aka the city and caught up with some friends for lunch. There we were sitting by the harbour and I see this 2mtre teddy bear coming over. I was like "Ahem. What the hell?" They sat there laughing being mean. So, I'm there eating my fish and chips when Tadgh (my boyfriend) tackles me with a teddy bear. I was uber surprised, the waiters laughed their heads off too. It was hilarious! Then we went to the zoo and a bird pecks his arm. Scary, enough. Then we head off the Brookvale Oval to see Manly win, which they did. How lofferliie?

Yeah, t'was awesome apart from the fact that Andy was not crowned King. Bleh.
Icons to come from me tomorrow or some day where I have time. =]
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11th-Jul-2007 06:34 pm - time for me to fly, time for me to go
THE ICONS, I think this has been my best batch ever. <3



1 2 3

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9th-Jul-2007 10:35 pm - doves with wings, they flap.
Icons. YAY !!

FASHION ( 09 )






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6th-Jul-2007 11:01 pm - <3 the hearted, aye.
the hearted <3

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nessa + zac = love
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